Stopping looping audio

I have a slide sequence where I want the user to make a choice from slide one to go to either slides 2, 3, 4, 5.  When done with that choice they click and go back to one for another choice.

I have the slides set to loop and count and when all 4 options have been viewed, the last click takes the user to a summary slide.

The action is all set and works.  But I want the audio instructions to not play every time the user goes back to slide one.

I got it to work on a stripped down demo but on the actual slides with other triggers, hotspots etc., I can't get it to work yet the triggers are worded the same.

I've attached the files if anyone can spot the error. Thanks so much!!!

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Michael Hinze

Karen, have a look at the attached, revised file and see if that works for you. I switched the first slide trigger to PLAY the audio when the variable is false, rather than PAUSE the audio when the variable is true. The first scene (1.x) has a slightly different trigger to set the variable to True, which forces the user to listen to the complete audio once. In the second scene (2.x) the variable is set to True when the timeline starts, which means that even if I immediately click a picture, the audio will not play back on return.  Pick the version that works best for you. Hope that helps.