Storing Storyline 360 files in OneDrive

Feb 01, 2019

Hi community,

Is OneDrive a good place to store Storyline files to avoid them becoming corrupted or picking up bugs? 

We've had some issues in the past with storing our SL files on a local network drive where files have, over time picked up errors. 


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Stacy Land

I don't think the answer is One Drive over another product (although we used it for this purpose) but as a best practice, we always zipped the .story files before moving them between any storage area via HTTP (a web based connection). When we did *not* do this, there were multiple instances of .story files being corrupted on the other end (same as you, on network drives). Granted, this was in earlier versions of Storyline, but it's less about Storyline and more about moving large files - any large file - using a web connection.  Zipping the files before distributing worked for us. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

Great question - it's less about where you store them than about where you access them to edit and save. You'll want to make sure you download the .story file to your local hard drive (C:/ ) or directly to your desktop before opening and starting to make edits to the file.

Once done, save it locally as well, close it and then you can back up to a network or cloud storage solution. 

You can find some more details and best practices in this article to help ensure you don't run into those corruption issues! 

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