Story doesn't know where to go when clicking the previous button

Feb 19, 2013

Hello everyone!!

I didn't want the users to have to submit indefinitly his answers so i set a true/false variable to detect if the quiz answers were submited to determine which slide to branch to.

I had the same problem when the user came on the way back. So i indicated that is the user clicks the previous button on 1.7, he should go to 1.8, and from there, branch directly to 1.5 (and bypass 1.6 altoghether.)

But when clicking previous at 1.5, storyline doesn't know where to go to anymore. I start running in circles between 1.5 and 1.8. Its crazy. Did i do something wrong?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nathalie,

A little confused with what you'd like to do. From what I understand, and I may be wrong, it's 1.5 ("Question 4/4") that isn't navigating correctly when the "Previous" button is clicked, correct? 

I looked at the file, but I'm still not quite sure how you're wanting to set this up. Can you give me a break down of how you'd like this to behave?


1.5 > 1.6 - Previous to go to (slide number), Next to go to (slide number) - Any conditions?

     |_or > 1.8 - Previous to go to (slide number), Next to go to (slide number) - Any conditions?

Nathalie Kustcher

Hi Christine

Thanks for the reply

Let me try this schematic :


      next to> 1.6 (if submit = false)

      next to > 1.8 (if submit = true)

      previous to> 1.4


      next to> 1.7


      next to> Scene 2

      previous to> 1.8


      next to> Scene 2

      previous to> 1.5

Scene 2


      next to> 2.2

      next to> 1.7

When the user backs up from 1.7 to 1.5, it jams at 1.5. its like 1.5 doesn't know whats its previous slide anymore. I didint have this problem before scripting to bypass 1.6.

i'm really confused. thats the behaviour not only in this scene but in every scene. I just poste 1 scene as an example....


Christine Hendrickson

Hi again Nathalie,

I apologize for the delay, I've had a little difficulty with the language in this course, so I wasn't sure if I was passing or failing. I'm still guessing I'm failing, but that seems to be a good thing, because I do see the behavior you mentioned.

I took a look at the triggers. I noticed that there was a trigger for 1.8 to jump to 1.5. I removed this and simply added a trigger for the "Previous" button to jump to the previous slide (I did not include a specific slide name). Now, it seems to be working properly. If you click on the "Previous" button while in slide 1.8, it will take you to 1.5 and continue to move backward through the course.

I'm attaching a modified version, so you can take a look.

Nathalie Kustcher


Hi Christine sorry for the language issue. I work in french. Not very good in english also, but improving, i hope.

Thanks for taking a look at this.

Your solution is quite peculiar. I wanted to make sure that it was going to jump from 1.8 to 1.5, thats why i spcified the trigger. Now it seems the trigger was the source of the problem?

How can it be that storyline will go by itself from 1.8 to 1.5 (its mathematically and logically strange) but it will block if i tell it to go directly from 1.8 to 1.5??

(note to self : if proposed to develop a monopoly inspired serious game with SL- say NO!!! LOL)

Well if it solves the problem... and still respect the behavior im looking for...

thanks a lot!

Christine Hendrickson

Hey Nathalie

No problem! I always wanted to learn French, maybe if I stare hard enough at the text I'll understand it

I think it's because when you hit the back button again, Storyline doesn't recognize that you were in the process of a review. Once you've moved on to 1.8, it sees that as a different scene, so when you call on the previous slide, it'll show the last one but it won't go right back into "Review" mode so you can see the previous questions. Now, I haven't tried this, but if you want to specify the 1.8 to jump to 1.5, you could try specifying all the other slides before it as well and see if it works. Though, really, you shouldn't have to :D Just having the trigger to jump to the previous slide seems to work quite well.

I hope you have a great evening! Good luck with the project :)

Nathalie Kustcher

Wow.... Huh, no.

I can see myself having to enter a previous to trigger for every one of the 250 slides of each of the projects (2x).

its not appealing at all...

Ill just apply your solution.

But, hmmmmm. That means the learner doesnt go back in review mode???

Ishhh. I hope he can't change his answers... Now that would be a bummer... But i mean, submit is set to true, the answers have already been submitted....

Is everything gonna be resetted if he enters the scene again???

* Nathalie screams in terror...

I have to check this


have a good evening yourself!!

NB : unfortunatly, staring doesnt help much in french - too many oddities. But if you succeed, let me know. There a couple thousand French teachers here who'd be happy to use staring as a learning strategy

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