Story.html not updating when viewed in browser on the web

Hi - I'm sharing my Storyline files on the web using the URL to "story.html". It's not for a course so no tracking necessary. I'm using it as if it's a website. My users are experiencing issues with seeing the latest updates when I make a change and republish.

Does anyone know if Storyline codes are storing information in browsers to cause this delay in seeing updates? If my user clear their browser cache, they are able to see the updates right away or they can see the updates when they revisit after a few days. Is there a way to make the republished updates live right away?

I did try deleting the old files on the server, and uploading new files instead of overwriting. Users are still seeing the older version.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sharon! 

Clearing the browser cache should do the trick, and the update should be immediate. Also, be sure your users are viewing the content in one of these supported browsers. 

If you hear reports that clearing the cache doesn't work, let us know here! We'll help you get to the bottom of it. :)

Raleigh Maupin

@Michael Hinze, thank you SO very much for your input on this issue! Your solution totally works, and really saves us a lot of headache. I wish Articulate could provide us with REAL solutions like these, instead of non-solutions, like having us tell everyone who takes a training to be sure to clear their cache first (which is an unrealistic and impossible ask ask for a large organization). Thanks again!!