Story size 720x405 and publish video 1080p HD

Hello everyone,

There is something I don't understand in Storyline...

I have videos in 1080p (from a gopro), I want to make a video e-learning with my footages.

So, the maximum size of a story is 720x405 isn't it ?

How is possible to add a video 1920x1080 ?

Last question how publish in "video" (see capture enclosed) with dimensions 1080p HD a story with a maximum size = 720x405 ?


Please, help me I'm in a deep fog...



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Phil Mayor

The original presets were set in Storyline 1 based on the Presenter Output, personally I think these sizes are too small now and at a minimum you should be using 960+ pixels wide.

Most users now have much larger screens and this gives more real estate to play with.

You can only have one slide dimension for a whole project.

geena alexander george


Changing the whole project slide resolution make the file extremely slow on LMS is there a way to work around this problem. The course I'm working on now has quite a few videos and when I tried the custom option the alignment of objects changed throughout the project, thus making it redo everything again.  Do you have any recommendation or suggestions about how to solve this?

Thank you,


Ren Gomez

Hi Geena,

When you readjusted your story size to be custom, did you keep the Lock aspect ratio box checked? That may help keep your alignment of objects intact.

The story size shouldn't affect the speed at which it plays in your LMS. Have you tried testing your file in SCORM Cloud to see if it could be related to your LMS or Storyline?

If you'd like for us to take a look, feel free to upload your file here by clicking the Add Attachment button, or if you prefer to share it privately, you can connect with our support engineers and they can help you troubleshoot the file. As always, we'll delete when troubleshooting.