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Dec 18, 2012

I'm trying to use a custom Story Size with the following settings:

  • If new size is larger: Fill Background
  • If new size is smaller: Scale to Fit

The problem I'm having is that these settings don't seem to save. If I click OK and re-open the Change Story Size dialogue box, the both settings are Scale to Fit and the radio buttons to change them are disabled.

I've attached my test project.

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Steve Andrews

Ultimately, what I'm trying to achieve is that my project only resizes if the browser window is smaller than my specified size - 1024 x 768.

I've tried to do this by via Story Size settings. What I actually want to do is have these settings as:

  • If new size is largerFill Background
  • If new size is smallerScale to Fit

But I can't do this for some reason. Once I make the settings then re-open to check them I get this. 

The settings are wrong and I cannot change them as they're disabled. Not sure why?

I've also looked at the settings under Player Properties / Other.

But the best I can achieve with that is having the project resize not matter what the browser window size is - which isn't what i want.

Brian Allen

Yes - I see what you're wanting to do.  The first setting you're looking at, Change Story Size, is only used if you need to change the project dimensions pre-publishing.  So I originally started off developing at story size A, but I've decided I like the way it looks at dimensions B better.

The second set of settings you're looking at under player properties is where you want to be for the settings you're looking for, and here are some helpful tips on using these settings -

I would recommend that you set your player size to resize to "optimal size", which will prevent the presentation from scaling at all.

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