Using video - size changes between scenes in the same story

When creating my story with a recording, there is a small sliver a white behind the recording on some scenes and on others there is not.  I have followed the instructions on the following tutorial:, but I have seen no results.  

My team has hours of recordings and some are full screen, some are not.  Our settings are as follows:

If new size is larger: 

Story Size: 720x540

Scale to Fit

Story Position: Middle Center

If new size is smaller:

Scale to Fit

I have attached two scenes that were recorded on the same PC, the same monitor.  I do not want to have to rerecord 40 hours of video.  Help!

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Anna Lisa.

Based on a quick look at the .story project file you supplied, it appears that the course author manually resized the dashed outline of the recording area by dragging the sizing handles on the dashed outline:

It appears that when the author did this, they achieved a slightly different screen recording size each time:

  • The Finding and Opening a Contact recording is 718 x 504 pixels.
  • The Viewing Your Bases recording is 718 x 502 pixels.
  • The Desktop recording is 718 x 527 pixels.

To ensure a consistent size across Screen Recordings, I would recommend using the Recording Area List (rather than dragging the sizing handles) for each recording.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!