Story with web object will not publish to CD

Oct 17, 2012

Hello all,

I'm creating an interactive game in Storyline, and I need to embed a spinner. (i.e. the board game "Life") The spinner is built in Flash, but because many of the parameters of how the spinner functions are directed by an html launch page, I need to load the swf file as a web object. (the html file sets transparency and loads an external xml file to control the numbers the spinner lands on after the spin button is clicked)

When I add the web object and click on "Test link", the link and Flash spinner work fine. But when I try to publish to CD (the game will be run by a facilitator off of their laptop as an exe file), the publishing process aborts about 15 seconds after it begins. When I check the publish folder, I have two empty temp folder, and a story_content folder that I've attached a screenshot of.

Any idea why the publish process is aborting? I'm assuming it has something to do with the web object folder, since when I remove the web object it publishes fine. I've also attached a screenshot of what is inside the web objects folder.

Any direction would be much appreciated.


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