Storyboarding a Serious Comic - Developed in Storyline

Jun 21, 2013

Hey everyone!

Apologies for being absent here the last month or so. I was focused on getting this project done.

I presented at the mLearnCon conference earlier this week on how to design a project like this for both desktop and mobile using Storyline. 

If anyone is interested, here's the presentation slides > Storyboarding a Serious Comic

Still have a few things to polish up, but will post a link once it goes live.


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Kevin Thorn

Yes Rebecca, there are a lot of lessons learned and discovered in this project. One being the number of educational opportunities to explore and learn more about this subject. We went back and forth during the design process on multiple was to present the content. Time and money (mostly) prevented other creative approaches.

Next time...

Kevin Thorn

And...we're live!

In retrospect, it turned out quite well. There's still a few things to tweak and fiddle with mostly because I'm OCD about not only the quality of the design but the overall experience viewing it.

View the full project here > PwP in Action

If you experience a lag in slide load or a jerky movement of the seekbar at the beginning of a slide, it's a known issue. The three tabs along the left panel allow you to view related material from any screen. These tabs were designed on a single Master Slide. That Master Slide has 28 layers and over 700 objects.

It seems my design pushed Storyline to a limit that sometimes has a bit of a hiccup when it's trying to load that much content for EVERY slide. Oops. 

There's a redesign in the works that will solve that issue. For the most part it's not that prevalent, but can by annoying at times.


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