Storyline 1 files work on lms for others, but not for me...

Dec 31, 2014

Hello, all -- In the past, I have had no problems uploading Storyline (.zip) files to our client's SumTotal lms, and running them as a Learner.  I can still upload the files successfully (and they run just fine when I publish them on my desktop), and everyone else can access and run them from the lms; however, all of a sudden, I now get a blank screen with an icon where the program should be running when I try to run any program on the lms (screenshot attached).  Obviously, there is something that has changed on my laptop (possibly an automatic update of some kind), but I have no clue what it could be.  Any ideas?

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Steve Flowers

Definitely looks like Flash is the culprit. Try a couple of things:

1) Go to and see what it tells you for your Flash version within that browser. 

2) If support details reports a version, try opening Manage Add-ons in Internet Explorer. Shockwave Flash Object should be enabled. Double-click Shockwave Flash Object and see if there is a * in the on following websites: field.

If, for some reason, your workstation has Flash disabled in IE or has all sites off the whitelist for the add-on, you'll see the issue in your screenshot above.

Lisa Ward

Okay, I got it to work.  I disabled ActiveX Filtering, and now it runs fine.  I guess I am going to have to up my technical game and figure out why this happened when I did not deliberately make any changes on my laptop (I don't understand enough about ActiveX Filtering to explain why this made it work).

Thanks for the help, guys, and Happy New Year! :-)

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