Storyline 1 Interaction Template Slides for Storyline 2

Dec 09, 2015

I was helping a friend figure out why the were not seeing the older interaction templates in Storyline 2 that they use to see in Storyline 1.

Example in Storyline 1: Insert > New Slide > Templates > Character Display Panels - or - Top Interactions.

The current template slides in Storyline 2 has only one set called Modern Interactions.

To assist my friend, I launched Storyline 1 and created a Scene with all the template slides from Character Display Panels and then re-saved it as the same name as a .storytemplate. Did the same for Top Interactions.

Then converted them for use in Storyline 2.

If you remember the seeing the older template slides in Storyline 1 and want them for Storyline 2, follow the link below for a direct download zip file.

Download link: Storyline 1 .storytemplate files for use in Storyline 2 

The contents of the zip file are four (4) .storytemplate files:

  • Character Display Panels_SL1.storytemplate
  • Character Display Panels_SL1-for-SL2.storytemplate
  • Top Interactions_SL1.storytemplate
  • Top Interactions_SL1-for-SL2.storytemplate

Where "SL1" is the .storytemplate exported from Storyline 1. Where "SL1-for-SL2" is to open in Storyline 2 that will load the older version templates into the newer version.


  1. Open the .storytemplate file in Storyline 2.
  2. Close file
  3. Open New Project file > Insert > New Slide > Templates > BAM! There they are!

Hope this helps!

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