Storyline 2

Aug 04, 2015

Like others, I am having a difficult time uploading Storyline 2 in the LMS Canvas.   I would like to know which publishing features to turn on that allow tracking of quiz results to the Canvas Grade book (scorm, AICC, TinCan).  Once uploaded to Canvas, I would like to know which file to link to.   Last but not least, the window pane in Canvas is smaller than the Storyline player, so I need to launch it in a new window so it all fits.  That also does not seem to work yet.

In the past I've had Storyline files on a web server and linked to them from Canvas.  I would like ideally have everything in a course in Canvas.  Ideas? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marianne!

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you've had uploading your courses to Canvas. You mentioned zipping the files, have you done that from the "Publish successful" window or just once you have all the published output elements in the folder? I'd recommend using the first option vs. trying to do it yourself manually. 

Also, have you reached out to the Canvas team to see if they have any additional suggestions? You'll also want to confirm that you're publishing for LMS as described here - and you may want to share a bit more about what happens (error message, course doesn't work right, etc.) here for any other users who may utilize Canvas and could weigh in with other solutions for you. 

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