Storyline 2 and Articulate 360 compatability

Hi everybody!

I've been asked to check whether it will be possible to edit courses created in Storyline 1 and 2 in Articulate 360 without any problems. I reckon it's a no-brainer that it should be possible, just need confirmation :)

 Also, there was talk about Storyline 3 coming out - is this still happening, and if so, when and what will happen to AS2?

Thanks, Tracy

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tracy

I know from recent posts from Articulate Staff that SL3 is in the pipeline for sometime this year but I expect you will find the same thing - older version won't be able to be edited in newer versions.

It's been this way since SL1.  You could open a SL1 file in SL2, it was upgraded to a SL2 file, a SL1 backup was created, but the upgraded file could not be edited in SL1.


Adam Cannon

If I'm reading it correctly: "will be possible to edit courses created in Storyline 1 and 2 in Articulate 360" means that if one creates a course in SL 1 or SL2 would it be possible to edit it in A360. The answer to that is yes. But if the question is, if one creates a course in A360 is it possible to edit that course in SL 1 or SL 2, then the answer is no. By Wendy's steps, any course you created in SL1 or SL2 would be upgraded and (therefore) editable in Articulate 360, BUT you would not be able to then take that file back into SL1 or 2 and do more edits while keeping the edits from 360.  Older versions (SL1 and 2) are editable in newer versions (SL2 and 360) but not the other way around. And I assume once 3 comes out, you'll be able to pull SL 1 and 2 files into 3, upgrade them, and edit them. But you won't be able to edit courses created in SL3 in SL 1 or 2. 

Hope that helps. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Tracy - glad you found that thread! I'd say it's got the most comprehension look at how editing/upgrading files will work and what Storyline 3 can do/not do vs. Storyline 360. We're really excited about all that Articulate 360 has to offer and feel strongly about the subscription model and how we'll be able to release more frequent updates and features - but we know it's not for everyone, so the Storyline 3 release will allow you to have a standalone license for Storyline 3 (one time purchase).