Storyline 2 and the Community's Response

At the risk of offending some folks, I've seen a bit of criticizing on the boards today about the price to upgrade, and discussion about should it have been and upgrade or patch the current version. With the amount of new things they have added, I feel this was definitely more than just a patch.

In this world of software, we are constantly being charged for new features, and fixes to previous "bugs". Look at Windows and Adobe - There are new versions of their software about every 2 to 3 years. And in some of those cases, all we've gotten is a prettier wrapper. Its been 2 years since Storyline went live, so while it feels "early" or "too soon", its right in line with other software updates. And given the number of changes, I'm fine with a new version.

Did I cringe at the idea of having to ask my boss to pay for the newest version? You bet. Especially when she has to pay for 2 licenses. But I think it is worth it, and the features that it adds is worth the price of admission.

So, as with any software or computer upgrade, you have to ask yourself - can I live with the product I have? I know many users who continued to work in Studio '09 because they couldn't afford, or didn't want to make the jump to Storyline. I know some that continue to use Studio '09 even with Studio '13 out.

No matter the version you use, one thing I'm sure we can all agree upon is that the staff and community support for all the Articulate products is amazing, and the answer to any question is just one post away.

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