Storyline 2 behavior on QHD screens is TERRIBLE, no scaling! Please Help!

May 22, 2015

I bught a new QHD Notebook - Acer A7 with 2560x1400 display resolution. Notebook has 13.3 display, win 8.1 and Articulate windows look so damn tiny that you can literally brake your eyes trying to look out for objects, buttons and etc. It is a pain in the eye trying to work like that. I have tried to change the scale of windows just to be able to work in Articulate properly, but sadly to no effect! It doesnt change anything in app scale. 

In such events, when hi-res displays are becoming a standart and even higher res displays like 4k are coming out, I think it is crucial for Articulate team to give users an update fixing that issues ASAP!

I just cannot work on my notebook, had to roll back to my old one coffin-look monster just for Articulate sake. And I am planning to travel soon, so I cannot drag both around and I dont want. Please solve that!

Maybe Windows 10 may solve that? Does anybody know?

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Jay Jack
Jay Frischkorn

I spent $4.50 for a used monitor. Plug it in and works fine.



That is a change of the subject. You could also spend money for another notebook with FHD screen or just hire someone who has that old tech to do your job. We are talking about curing a devastating bug  by software developers and not buying some extra gear by users to solve that problem in such a wacky way. 

Jay Jack

The most hilarious moment of all, is that even though they fixed DPI scalling in Storyline 3, they didnt redraw any interface elements. So.. in 4K everything looks blury and pixelated. Worst of all, even you course objects in the main working area will look the same way, not only interface. I guess Storyline 4 or 5 will fix that (based on current tempo) 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jay, 

I'm sorry to hear that the fix in Storyline 3 isn't meeting your needs or expectations. Since 360 rolled out last fall we'd heard a good response from folks about the fixes in place for the DPI scaling and blurriness - but I'd love to have our team take a look at what you're seeing too. Can you share some examples and screenshots by uploading to our Support Engineers here? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Jay for sharing that screenshot, it's really helpful to see what you're seeing! 

Our team is evaluating the changes we did make for Storyline 3/360 and figuring out any additional next steps to provide the best experience while authoring in Storyline.

I'll keep you posted in the coming weeks and please let me know if I can help with anything else! 

Tom Kuhlmann

Hey John,

I do quite a few presentations and also have a 4K laptop (HP Spectre) and often stuck with older VGA projection systems so there's always some tweaking to get the 4K 16x9 to work on the projectors.

I haven't experienced the screen getting cut like that. The image looks like it's 4x3. What is that, your laptop screen or a shot of the projection screen?

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