Storyline 2 Course Not Playing

Jan 08, 2018

Good Afternoon,

I am needing suggestions on how to resolve an issue I am having with a course built in Storyline 2 and accessed via Docebo that is not running on a customer's computer.  The customer is using IE 11 and when they attempt to view the course, all they get is a blank screen with the address bar information shown in the image below.

Customer View

What is interesting is I asked them to check the Compatibility View Settings, but when she attempts to do so she gets a blank screen (see below).

Compatibility View Settings Attempt

I have also asked her to run the course on a different browser, but she is stating that it didn't work when she attempted it.  (She did not provide any evidence or information on what browser she used.)  

At this point, I have tested the course on multiple computers using different browsers and I cannot replicate the problem.  It sounds like it may be a Flash Player issue with her computer, but if that is the case, why did the other two courses in the series run without issue?

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it.


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John Gaszak

Heard back from the customer and they attempted to run the course using Firefox.  

Since my original post, I uploaded Articulate 360 and published the course with it set to HTML5 with Flash fallback.  The course is running on my IE11, Chrome (desktop) and Chrome (Samsung Note 4) with no issues.  The customer is still unable to run it in IE11.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey John,

Thanks for all of the details you provided. It can be tough to nail down the cause of an issue when you're not able to replicate the problem yourself. It's also interesting that the customer could run two other courses without any problems.

Do you know the exact version of IE11 the customer is using? I wonder if you are both using the same version. 

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