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I hired a third party vendor to create an online course in Storyline which was uploaded to Moodle.  The online course is available for purchase to learners external to my organization.  Approximately 25 people have purchased course and so far only one person has reported an issue with not being able to hear the audio.  I told her if she is using I.E., that she might want to try Google Chrome or FireFox.  I also asked her if she is using a PC or Mac.  Finally, I advised her to try accessing the course from another computer at her job or to try accessing the course from her personal computer.  The learner tried Google Chrome, but she is still unable to hear audio.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michelle!

Certainly hard to assist when you are unable to replicate.

Our system requirements, including viewing, can be found in this article.

Did you find out anything else about her specs? Viewing on a PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad?

Do you know what version/update of Storyline was used to create the content?