Storyline 2 files upgrade to Storyline 360 do not work, less workspace and out of focus

My SL2 files are not working after upgrading and trying to preview them in SL 360. 

After the preview button is clicked, I see the habitual swirly that appears when opening a SL file, and then just a blank area where the course content should be.  

This is happening on ALL of my SL2 files. 

As well, the workspace appears much more crowded and things look actually out of focus in SL360 when compared to SL2.

Please, release SL3 or at the very least, fix SL2 to publish to PURE HTML5, that is the only thing I actually care about.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alexandru!

I'm not familiar with that example obviously, but I did upgrade to 360 to take a look.

If you start at the beginning, I could see that Topic 1 was not jumping to another slide as expected. I took a look at the triggers, and there is one to close a lightbox before that. I moved the trigger order and it works as expected. 

If you have specific items that are not working, please let us know.

Alexandru Caragea

I had just downloaded the demo to study it for a project for which seemed to me a good example ... and I tested SL360 with it.

Now I deleted "close the lightbox trigger" for the "menu1 submenu" and ... it works as before. I suspect that this trigger comes from another variant of the project.

iman mafi


I started using 360 a while ago and Im very happy. It works perfectly and I have no promlems exept for some glotches.

1. trigger boxes upgraded from sl2 fail to function properly in 360.


2. zoom regions upgraded from sl2 create prblems with the seekbar.


3. the audio of the delievered courses fail to work on some devices especially if they have download manager installed.


4. i used a particular right to left font on my sl2. however once the files are upgraded to 360 all those fonts are changed to an undesirable font which means i need to select every single sentence and change the font again. 


All in all im really enjoying the experience and i hope i can find a solution for the above problems

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Siobhan!

I would advise that you check out this documentation if you are experiencing difficulty across files. If that doesn't assist, you may want to reach out to our support team here so we can get to the bottom of your issue.

Hi Iman! 

I see where you reached out in a new thread here and I will take a look at your feedback.