Storyline 2 for Mac?

Oct 14, 2014

What a pity that the opportunity for a Mac version was missed with the launch of Storyline 2. I tried Storyline 1 on my Mac, using Fusion, but it was hopeless; it took forever to open and to carry out other processes. It also slowed everything else on the machine to a crawl. Ended up going back to a PC and having to jump between both machines to do my work. So, come on Articulate and give us a Mac version of the program. It can't be that hard to do!

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Brett Rockwood

Same with me, Wendy. While I'd love to have a native Mac version — and based on an Articulate job offer for Mac devs I saw on Twitter, one may be in the works — it seems to run fine for me with Parallels, even on my 5 year old MacBook Pro. Biggest issues for me are the screen size and how long it takes to load. Once it's up and running it works pretty well.

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