Storyline 2: Inaccurate Post-Quiz Review Feedback

I have a thorny issue in a SL2 quiz I developed that exclusively uses the "HOTSPOT" quiz type to ask Learners to identify the single subject image (among a set of 4) that has a defect.

PROBLEM 1: in the Post-Quiz Feedback slide, the answer provided by the Learner (the marker that shows where they actually clicked) is 100% misplaced in each quiz slide in the upper-left corner (almost as if the User never clicked on the slide).

PROBLEM 2: in the Post-Quiz Feedback slide, regardless if the answer provided by the Learner is correct or incorrect, the feedback reports 100% of the time that the response was INCORRECT).

(see attachment: Articulate-BypassPost-Quiz Feedback Errors.jpg)

NOTEWORTHY (Unusual?!): the Quiz Summary Results slide scoring is ACCURATE, despite the erroneous feedback described above!

(see attachment: Articulate-BypassQuizSummary.jpg)

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Brad Pepin

Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO!  And after experimenting in "Preview" with changing the Question slide properties When Revisiting to "Automatically Decide" I see the 2 issues are corrected on those slides.

I had changed the slide property to "Re-set to initial state" in order to provide the Learner the full 8 seconds of the slide's timeline during the Post-Quiz Review in the situation where each slide advances automatically (this is integral to the design concept of the quiz, replicating the actual pace the Learner will be expected to perform the simulated job task). With the Slide Properties set to "Re-set to initial state" OR "Decide Automatically" the Post-Quiz Review picks up the timeline at the point where the Learner submitted their response.  In extreme cases, this might mean the Post-Quiz Review provides only 1 or 2 remaining seconds on the Review slide's timeline to read & process the Review feedback (because the Learner took 6 or 7 seconds to submit their answer). Make sense? 

I don't know of a way to use independent settings for different modes of the slide (for example, in Quiz mode, Auto Advance;  In Post-Quiz Review mode, User Advance).

Any suggestions?  Thanks for the prompt response to the original post! Much appreciated and makes me a happy Articulate Designer!   ~Brad

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brad! Glad that was able to assist you.

When learners review a quiz, they'll see Articulate Storyline's built-in Prev and Next buttons in the lower right corner of the player—even if you've disabled them throughout your course. See this article for more information. I think this may assist you.

Brad Pepin

I understand the Prev and Next button function.

The problem is that when Auto Advance is part of the Quiz design, Auto advance automatically becomes part of the Post-Quiz Review design, as well. Due to the Bug with the Post-Quiz review not working correctly when the slide setting is established as "Re-set to initial state" the only options are for the designer to use "Automatically decide" or "Resume saved state," resulting in the Post-Quiz Review playing the slide starting at the point in the slide timeline where the Submit button was clicked in the Quiz mode. When the timeline is consumed by the combination of the learner's time on the auto-advanced slide in Quiz Mode + Quiz-Review Mode, the PREV button (and menu navigation) is rendered useless for practical purposes (there is not "time remaining" on the slide timeline and the auto-advance feature takes precedent, fast forwarding to the next slide with available time remaining). The result is complete loss of user control of the Post-Quiz Review because there is not enough "time remaining" on the slide timeline to click the PAUSE button on the player). 

I think my feedback is a combination "bug report" (Post-Quiz Feedback does not work correctly when the slide property is set to "Re-set to initial state") + feature request (to allow the designer the ability to control the Post-Quiz Review slide properties/behavior independent of the Quiz slide properties).

Let me know if you're interested in understanding & exploring this more. I will upload the project if you are!  Thanks for your help. I apologize in advance if this interaction seems frustrated! The complexity and lack of an apparent solution is making my poor head hurt!


Leslie McKerchie

No head-hurting allowed Brad! 

I honestly have not seen a quiz set up like this where the slides auto-advance. Typically if timing is an issue, then a timer is enabled for the overall quiz on via the result slide options.

I would advise that you share your .story file with our support team here so that they can take a look and reach out to our QA/Dev Teams if needed.

Brad Pepin

Yeah, it's kind of unique, but replicates pretty well the actual business condition where the Operator who does this work needs to pace at about 8 seconds per page to meet the business goal! It's a very real challenge, so I like that Articulate gave me a way to integrate this in my Practice Scenarios/course design. 

I will follow your recommendation and submit it to the Support Team for consideration.
Thanks for the assist!