Storyline 2 -Initial Activation

We bought the Storyline 2 software from Articulate-Australia partner a few days back. Downloading and installing was not an issue. When we tried activating it with the serial key for the first time, it did not activate in my system. We tried it on one of my team member's system, without luck. 

When we asked if something can be done about it, Articulate partners mentioned we will be given just one additional activation (which did not work either) because 2 activations had been done.Not sure how, because whenever we tried to activate ,it had failed. (Note:The articulate site mentions we can use the serial key to install and activate software in 2 different computer(ref: )

What I fail to understand is, how can it be an additional activation when not even a single successful activation has happened?

Has someone else faced a similar issue?

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Nivedana M R

Thanks Leslie.

Apologies for not responding earlier.

My IT team was trying to troubleshoot which is why I wanted to wait before writing to Articulate-support team. Issue is getting a little complicated and after a week of trying , I have now reached out to Articulate support team.

Following is the case number: 00887595