Storyline 2 Lags after Creating about 200 Hotspots

Hi guys, 

I have created about 200 hotspots to make every region of a map clickable. However, after doing so, working with Storyline has been considerably slow. What happens is that when I do anything like clicking an object, there's about a 10 second delay before the program responds.  After doing some investigation I found that this only happens on the screen with multiple hotspots.   It's gotten very hard to work on the it as it takes too long to do anything.

I have already followed some suggested solutions in other discussions but to no avail. ( change DPI settings, bought a new Video Card, re install Storyline, etc. )

Any kind of help or assistance would be highly appreciated. 



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mark mabuna

Hi Ashley, 

Thanks.  I was working on local projects and at the same time meeting the hardware requirements. 

screenshot hardware

However, I'm still having the issues. Some of the screens where there are no hotspots, work just as fine so I have a feeling that the slowness only starts to get worse as the number of hotspots go up (200 or more)? If someone could replicate it on your end, and see if they experience the same that would be much appreciated. Will be waiting for any updates from you. 



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

Do you happen to have a slide handy that includes 200 hotspots?  Not sure I've ever made one with that many hotspots but happy to take a look at one of your samples or try to set one up on my own? Are they hotspots all linked to something in particular? Just want to try to replicate the behavior as much as possible so a sample file would be very helpful here.