Storyline 2 & MacBook Air

Alright... I know there are a ton of discussions about running Storyline 2 on Mac. I've been doing it successfully since Storyline 1 beta. I need a new laptop. I have a Mac desktop that I love but need some portability. Is anyone running Storyline 2 on a recent MacBook Air? I looked at specs and at face value the Air's processor speed isn't enough (1.6 GHz versus the 2.0 that's recommended for SL). My question - is it enough speed to run SL2 in VM Ware (Windows 10) without being frustrated?? It wouldn't be all the time but at least 25%. Thanks!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leah,

I know most of our Support team runs on a MacBook pro with VMWare or Parallels but I don't know that many who are running on an MacBook Air likely based on those system specs. Will you be running and installing other programs on it? I could see that setup causing the issue with memory and processor speed if so - if you're exclusively running Storyline, it may work but also more of a toss up if it doesn't meet the minimums. 

Leah Hemeon

Thanks for your input guys. Yeah - I kind of figured those specs would be too low. After talking to my local Mac dealer, they suggested bringing in my old MacBook Pro for diagnostics. It has better specs than the new Air and according to them, should still be quite speedy. Hopefully we can find a solvable problem and I won't need to buy something new after all. Thanks again!

Leah Hemeon

The model I was looking at for MacBook Air was 1.6 GHz with 8 GB RAM and a solid state 128 GB hard drive. I could also run in Bootcamp and not through VM Ware or Parallels I suppose. 

On my older model (2012) MB Pro I have a 2.5 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM and a standard hard drive. I was only thinking of replacing with the Air because it's so very, very slow. It's not working well at all. Now I'm hoping my local dealer can find something "fixable" so I don't need to buy a new computer at all. I haven't even tried Parallels on that MB Pro, just Bootcamp, since it's so slow I figured it couldn't handle it.

I'm just so used to working on my 27" iMac... 3.2 GHz quad core... it's a dream and does anything I want it to! Moving to the MB Pro when I need portability is just not workable right now because it's so slow. When I move something in Storyline it takes a second or two for it to respond on-screen... not to mention it takes about 3-5 minutes from boot to ready to use... in Mac OS... it's 10-15 minutes from boot to ready to use if I go into Windows using Bootcamp. Ugh. I was just tired of it. 

Fingers crossed I don't have to spend the money at all and they can "fix" my MB Pro. 

Thanks again for your input!!