Storyline 2 - Next Button not working on slide with layers


First time posting on here.  I tried searching through similar questions, but couldn't find anything that solved my issue.  Sorry if I missed something!

Using Storyline 2 -- navigation is set to restricted.  Slide 1.8 has five different layers.  There are five hotspots on the base layer that have to be clicked on to show each layer.  Once a hotspot is clicked on, a checkmark appears so that the user knows they already clicked on that one.  There is a trigger set so that the user can click on the next button to advance to the next slide if the five images of the checkmarks are in a "normal" state.  However, when previewing the entire course, the next button just doesn't work.  I even uploaded it into our LMS (Cornerstone, if it matters) and it does the same thing.  I am uploading the story file.  Like I mentioned, it is slide 1.8.  Any ideas?  What am I missing?  Thank you in advance!


I should also add that the group I am working on this with is absolutely set on the users having to view/listen to all content before proceeding to the next slide.

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Walt Hamilton

When I previewed the entire course, it worked for me. I clicked on each of the layers, and when I clicked Next, it advanced to the knowledge check.

I will note that Hidden, like most of us, considers itself to be normal, but that bug shows up mostly in triggers that say "State is not normal". Still to be on the safe side, since you already have the variables that are set when the hotspots are clicked, you might consider using them in the conditional part of the trigger to jump to ext, instead of the states. Variables are reliable in a way that states aren't always.