Storyline 2 output to Adobe Connect

Hi, we are right now evaluating Adobe Connect. Or rather, we want to. But before I dig into this and spend hours I would like to ask the community for your experience with adding Storyline 2 published content to Adobe Connect pods. We would be evaluating Adobe Connect 9.5 in a hosted situation.


From reading older posts on this forum I have the impression that it is possible, but with some problems.


My main concern is if we can get it to run on the mobile connections and still show the Storyline 2 output on those platforms. But any other snags you can tell about?

For helpful people that want to link to the Knowledgebase: I am aware. Looking for recounts of people's actual experience with it.




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Soren -- Thanks for reaching out, and while I cannot speaking to having utilized Adobe Connect personally, I wanted to share the following posts on a similar topic in case you (or others who come across this thread seeking assistance) would like to take a look at previous discussions:

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Hopefully others who utilize Adobe Connect are able to stop in and share some of their experiences or advice, as well. :)