Storyline 2 - Play/Pause main timeline from a layer

Oct 21, 2014

So based off of the design I have.... I have my play/pause buttons in a layer on each individual slide.

I have chosen to do this because:

  • The bottom navigation (play/pause, next, back) has a bunch of layers that is easily organized inside a layer (less layers on the main timeline)
  • I cannot add this to the master because I need to have content (my images) behind the bottom navigation on the slides

What I want to do:

I want to use the "Pause timeline" and "Resume timeline" triggers on the buttons to pause the main timeline 

What the issue is:

It only gives me the option to do so for the LAYER and not the MAIN TIMELINE which I need it to d

Any suggestions?

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Hollie White

Ashley Terwilliger said:

HI Hollie,

When I look at the pause timeline trigger - my options are "this slide" or "insert a new layer" - are you not seeing that as an option? It looks as follows:


Is that inside the layer on on the main timeline? I have the button in a layer and it's not giving me the "This Slide" option.

Fran Heathorn

Hi Hollie,

Probably too late for you as this post is two years old, but for anyone else having the same problem, I just got around it as follows:

1. Create a new layer (call it pause) and in its layer properties tick 'Pause timeline of base layer'. 

2. Create a new trigger to show the layer 'pause' when user clicks on your pause button.


Hope this is helpful.

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