Storyline 2 Player bug - left and right padding went HUGE

Hi, normally when we publish from storyline 2, there is maybe a 10px border on the left and right side of the slide when we move the menu off of the side. However, on the fifth and final module of my web series that has finally been approved for publishing, now it seems to expand the left and right border to more than 50px wide, which pushes the next/prev and any other buttons that come stock way off the side and out of alignment with any on-slide indicators. I have tried all kinds of combinations of Browser setting, but nothing seems to work. I even tried to move everything to an earlier module that was guaranteed to work fine, and still had the issue of the expanding left and right border. What else could I be missing?

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Jonathan Preston

I can't share the actual file because of confidential course content, unfortunately. But I am running the course as I always have for client review, which is the exported story.html file that is shared via a SharePoint link. I am getting the issue in storyline preview and within Internet Explorer and Chrome. This is the first instance in over 2 dozen courses published, and at the very end of a course that it just started happening.

Jonathan Preston

Unfortunately still won't be able to do that. I did try a few things this morning. 

I had someone with a lower version number of mine publish, it was still a buggy render.

I removed the slide that had a full size afterEffects video for a background and still buggy.

While reviewing changes, I saw that one of the last requests from the last review was to remove the seekbar on the results page. I added it back in, and the render was correct. I took the seekbar away again, and the render still stayed correct. It's strange that could be the culprit. I'll have to further test that if anymore edits come through from the customer.