Storyline 2: Possible to insert pictures/graphics in Notes?

Hi all,

My department is still using Storyline 2 (we ARE planning on upgrading to 360, but it might not be for a while), and I recently converted a PowerPoint presentation to Storyline 2. Several of the slides in PowerPoint had pictures (screenshots) in the Notes, which are viewable in PPT by selecting the Notes Page view. 

I noticed that, however, when I converted the presentation to Storyline 2, the graphics from the PPT Notes didn't carry over to the Notes in the converted .story file. Is there a way to attach the graphics to the Notes (or get Storyline 2 to recognize the graphics), or is this not possible in SL2?

Thanks ahead for any input you could provide on a legacy Storyline version, in which we're still working. :)


EDIT: I should also note that the graphics should show up in the PDF version of the module that we generate from the .story file for facilitator use.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

Great question - I hadn't ever tried it before either.

I opened a new Storyline 2 project and tried to insert and copy/paste an image into the Notes, and as I thought - it only appeared on the slide itself. Sadly it doesn't look like that'll work for you.

You could include those images on a slide layer that is not shown to users - although this will be a manual add. Once you're ready to publish the course to Word to create that PDF version make sure you select to include the slide layers, as the images can then carry over.