Storyline 2 project file size

Jul 25, 2015

I know this is a perennial, but now I'm dealing with the upper limit SL2 project size question and was wondering if there was any more info out there (I've already searched the threads).

I have a project file that is approaching 4gb.  I am accessing locally on my C drive,  have a dual core processor and 8 gb RAM.  It is a pretty decent machine running Win 7 and have 28 gbs free on the C drive to accomodate saving.  But when I attempt to  open up and finish my project, the Windows Task manager flips between working and not responding.  I have uninstalled/reinstalled numerous times, have project NOT on auto recover and have learned the temp file dump trick and am NOT asking for best practice advice like 'break it up" etc.

So, my questions are:

1.) Is there a file size limit and have I hit it?

2.) I have numerous vids embedded.  If I pull these out to get file size below 4 gb, will I be able to proceed?  How else might I reduce file size?

Thanks for any enlightenment!

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Phil Mayor

I would expect 4Gb is too high, as a 32bit App it cannot address memory above 4Gb (probably much less than that).

I have never been able to work with files above 1-2gb, you could try importing into a blank file see if that reduces it down a bit, you might need to do this after you delete the videos anyway.