storyline 2 published HTML5 content can not run on IIS 6.1

Dec 14, 2016

Hello Every One, 

We have created a content and published as HTML5 (Mobile View) using  storyline 2. When we open story_html5.html page on local computer in chrome browser, it works perfect.

But when we publish the same content on my IIS 6.1 web server and try to open using URL, it shows a blank screen. Plz see attachment for more details. 

You can browse the course here.

I am really not sure what is the reason. I have already added "MIME" type of font woff

Has anyone out there had this issue ? Any help would be greatly appreciated .


Many Many Thanks in Advance 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ashu,

Thanks for sharing a link to the course. When you upload it to your server are you able to include all the files/folders that are generated with the published output? You'll need to include them all and then you can point specifically to the story_html5.html file if you want to direct them to the HTML5 output. 

If you think it's an issue with your server, you can also look at uploading the content to a site like and that would allow you to test it in another environment as well. 

Ashutosh  Shukla

Dear Ashley, 

Many many thanks for your reply.

I tried to upload the package on and found same problem there as well. You can see the link

What do you think the possible reason? As per me, this package is not published correctly. 

Do you have any guide line link to publish the package on IIS or How to publish the package to run successful on windows server. 

Plz suggest 




Ashutosh  Shukla

Dear Leslie

Thanks for reply. Please find attachment . 

I have created this package in Storyline 360 and when publish on Tempshare, it gave me below URL: . 

You can see that in this URL also center frame is not working. I have attached package to you. plz help me on this. 

Many Thanks 



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