Storyline 2 - Publishing Identifier

I know that the identifier characters need to be the same for republishing a course to my LMS.  Rather than use the Storyline-generated characters, it it okay to create my own identifier?  For example, rather than "5ePth01DrQ0_course_id" is it okay to use "BCC-6test_course_id"?

This is an excerpt from eLearning Heroes - "The Identifier field is a unique string of characters assigned by Storyline. Your LMS uses it to identify your content. If you're republishing a course that's already in your LMS, don't change the value in this field."

Thank you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paula,

Looks like you have the documentation, so just be aware of that identifier changing if you update/edit your course.

Storyline will supply a randomly-generated Identifier on your behalf or you have the opportunity to specify the Identifier by going to Publish > LMS > Reporting and Tracking.