Storyline 2 - Review Quiz Options

Hi! I have a specific request from a client that I cannot figure out.  I have added a results slide so that the user can go back and review the quiz no matter if they pass or fail.  The client wants the feedback to show as the user goes through the quiz initially, but not when they click on the Review Quiz button.  The correct/incorrect answers should be shown, but not the feedback box when reviewing.  I do not see an option to remove it under Edit Results Slide.  Can someone help me out?  Thanks in advance!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Liz! You can attach your file directly in the thread by using the gray ADD ATTACHMENT button at the bottom of the reply window.

If you'd prefer to share your file privately, you can send it to our team using this form. If you do go that route, be sure to share your case number with me so I can follow along. :)

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, I see! Take a look at the triggers on the 'Correct' and 'Incorrect' feedback layers. Do you see a trigger that says, "Hide layer this layer when the user clicks the continue button"? If not, add that trigger to every feedback layer, and that should fix the problem.

Time-saving tip: Use the copy/paste buttons to copy the trigger from one layer and paste it on the other layers!