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Hi, I am using Storyline 2. For a multiple choice questions I have a submit button. If no selection  is made and the user clicks on the Submit button, a pop comes up with the a message " Invalid Answer: You must complete the question before submitting."  This is a default setup. 

I was able to customize the correct and incorrect. But I can't find this layer. Where do I find it or how do I change it? I guess I could redirect the button to a new layer with new trigger.  Is there another option. 




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ahssan moshref

Thank you that article helped. But I must admit I would have not figured it out on my own.
I would have not figured out that I had to change the Submit Interaction conditions. And that I had to drag it to the base in the trigger layer. A

Would a function that was say if none or any of the multiple choice is selected not make it easier? I had 8 checkbox and I had to create 16 conditions.
Anyways, thanks it was very helpful.

Ahssan Moshref

ahssan moshref

Hi the article helped but, I can't figure out how to apply that to a numeric entry.
In a follow up question I have a numeric entry.
Where sure has to enter an integer before submitting.
How do I set the condition to display the Custom Prompt layer?



Wendy Farmer

Hi Ahssan

not sure I understand the question.  The invalid popup message should display when the user clicks the submit button if they have not answered the question, so they have not made a MC selection or they have not entered text or numbers into a data entry quiz question.  What is happening for you now?

Feel free to upload your .story file or a few of the quiz questions  - might be easier for someone to help you.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ahssan -- Glad to hear that the information provided helped, and I agree with Wendy: if you could please share your file so that we are better able to understand what you are hoping to accomplish, that would be really helpful! Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you can browse for your file from there. 

Also, as it appears that you replied via email, I wanted to note that your signature information is displayed publicly here in the thread. You are welcome to use the EDIT button beneath your post to remove those details if you wish. :)

ahssan moshref

Thank you, I really appreciate the help here.

Okay attached is the file. For the sake of context I have taken out all the pages that are not needed.

Q1 works just the way I want it to work. But I have trouble making Q2 work the same way.

1. Please not that in Q1 I have a condition that says change the state of the "Submit"  Button to normal once the user selects a input field.  I can not figure out how to do that for Q2.

2.  for Q2, I have entered some variables but it pops up the default page before it displays the custom "makeSelection" layer.

I am sure it is the coding but I am at this point just guessing inputting random options not really understanding. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ahssan -- Many thanks again as I reviewed your file. I am seeing the behavior you have described, but I am also perplexed at what adjustment to make to Q2 to have it perform the same way as Q1. I am going to go ahead and forward your file to our Support Engineers for further investigation. I will be following along with your case to share relevant updates here in the thread for others who may have a similar issue, and you will be hearing from a member of the Support staff via email shortly. 

ahssan moshref

Thank you everyone fort the feedback and help. I wanted the submit button to act intuitive and change color after a value is entered. But As Phil pointed out, it is not possible. I will not create an inconsistent interaction. So I will change the other ones. I am okay with that. -thanks phil


Butch the enter key does work but that is not common sense for my target audience and I don't want to add more instructions. It is okay, I can go without that. But i will have to test to make sure the enter key does not do anything I do not want it to do.









ahssan moshref

Okay part two is fixed. Here is how.

After creating the custom layer, In the Manage Project Variables tab, I have added a new variable called "EnterScore" with the DefaultValue "Enter Score"

I applied two Slide triggers:

1st Trigger: Submit interaction Numeric When Variable changes to NumericEntry.

2nd Trigger. Show Layer "Custom Layer" when the user clicks on the submit button with the condition of  "EnterScore == Equal to Enter Score.

This works. If anyone notices that this is not the proper way to do, please let me know.  SEE attached FYI

@ Butch, I know you mentioned enter key. I could not figure out how to make it prompt to the "Custom Layer" ( No attempts have been made).


ahssan moshref

There is only one more problem:

If the user clicks on the Numeric field, but decides not to enter a value and clicks outside of the box, then the default message shows up again.

This feels like a bad nightmare where no matter what I do it keeps coming back in a one way or another. awww!!

Any ideas?

I wonder why this prompt message is not in the Master files to customize...