Storyline 2 - text rendering difference from Storyline

I have been working with the demo of Storyline 2 testing out the new and updated features to see if an upgrade is going to happen. One thing I noticed is that text renders differently. The older Storyline renders text a bit pixelly/chunky, for lack of better words. Storyline 2 renders text more crisply and cleanly and it looks a lot more professional. I was happy to see this.

However, this has led to a bit of an issue. When I opened a old Storyline project in Storyline 2, much of my text wrapping had been changed. Text that fit nicely in a background now sticks out because it wraps sooner. Also, when I view a layer on a slide, the text on the main layer does a weird format change and changes wrapping yet again (just in preview). It's definitely not something that should be happening.

From this perspective it doesn't even seem worth it to use Storyline 2 to update a large Storyline course with only a change or two, as you'd have to check the text on almost every slide to ensure text formatting didn't get out of whack too badly. Am I missing something?

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Lizzie Angell

This feature is causing us many many problems. We had built over 30 courses in Storyline 1, with at least 25-30 screens, all with assessment modules too. Then Storyline 2 came out and the extra functionality and with the ability to out put for Android and with TinCan 1.0. We thought wow! this will be brilliant.

We are now spending all our time trying to fix errors Storyline 2 and the text editor has created. Text that was placed fine in screens and looked lovely has now in places wrapped - due to the 1 pixel added in by the text editor - we are having to go through each course, each screen, each layer, each state, each button to check for this problem, and it is throwing out a lot of our designs. It is hours of work!

I have also found that any text put on an angle now renders on very wobbly almost unreadable lines - certainly no good for any one with dislexia to read! - Not at all how I want my text to look.

But again this is 30 courses that were all looking perfect previously. We would go back to Storyline 1 , but we have now commited to using TinCan 1.0, told clients that Android is an option and want the other features of Storyline 2. AWFUL

Lizzie Angell

Yes I have seen the details of the issue, but that hasn't meant we haven't had to go through all the elements in all the screens of our courses checking to see if it has affected things or not.

For the words looking wonky on a diagonal please see attached file, this is just 2 screens from one of our courses - Storyline 1 didn't have a problem with this - in Storyline 2 all the text is ever so slightly out of line, which makes your eyes hurt, and the text hard to read.

Look at the word 'Education' highlighted in bold on the first screen, and the title of the page on the second screen.

I know that these pieces of text could be placed straight on, but 1. it makes for visually a more interesting screen at an angle. 2. you can fit a bit more in text wise with them on an angle. 3. they were fine when originally made in Storyline 1. 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lizzie,

I am looking at this text in Storyline 1 and Storyline 2 and I see the same behavior in that the text is a little pixelated. I did a side by side with some lorem ipsum text - and I feel like Storyline 2 does a better job at displaying it. Storyline 2 is on the left here:   Do you have an SL1 file we could take a look at? 

Lizzie Angell

It is not a problem with pixelation so much as the letters jumping up and down on the line. In the first sentence of the storyline 2 version you can clearly see that  the m in 'amet' is up in the air and the e is running into the t making it hard to read. There is a little 'wonkiness' in the storyline 1 version but all the letters are clear and in line enough to read. The second to last line of the at first paragraph where it says 'libero' as well looks pretty bad, it's like each line is sitting on bumpy ground. It just doesn't look very professional in courses if you are trying to teach some one how to write a cover letter or do a good CV if the courses text is all over the place. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lizzie, 

My apologies, pixelation wasn't the appropriate word - but I can see what you're describing, and based on a previous report shared with our QA team it is showing the text as designed. Since you'd like to rotate the text, have you looked at creating the text as an image and placing that on the rotation? 

If you'd like to see a different behavior in regards to text, you're also welcome to share your thoughts here in the form of a feature request. 

Michael Luciani


I was just wondering if any progress has been made on the issue with text moving and/or wrapping differently for projects that were upgraded from Articulate 1 to Articulate 2.

I'm about to go through 15+ recently upgraded projects to check and fix them and I was hoping something had changed in the last couple of months so I wouldn't have to put in all that work.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

The issue mentioned above was about how the different letters were appearing in a line - and as I mentioned based on a previous report with the QA that is by design as mentioned.

In regards to the Words wrapping, it's also worth noting that Storyline 2 will add an additional pixel to the line as detailed here. 

Luc Champagne
Jaime Villanueva

Would this be the right thread to express issues I'm having with the Quiz question "answers"... it seems that in my storyline slide the left margin in the slide is not rendering when published/viewed. The behaviors are as follows: 

  1. when hovering over the options (possible answers) to a quiz question, the text will shift L-R as it's hovered. Only happens on some items, not on all, and I can't see a pattern/consistency... 
  2. Similarly, an option/answer is not aligned (left margin) as the others are, when I've verified that the SL2 file/slide is fine... 

Hope that makes sense, do let me know if screenshots will help... or if this is the right thread. 

I am having the same problem with SL2 question templates. The answers are shifting so they are not aligned as part of a series or the top answer shifts down when hovering over it.

Was there any resolution to this issue.

Thank you

Lizzie Angell

Hi Luc 

We have had some trouble of the text moving ever so slightly in hover states we found it especially if there was an animation added in some where.

I think in the end we rebuilt the buttons it was happening in and it seemed to stop. - which as stated above was a massive job but something we had to have fixed straight away

Dana Hall

I have a file that is showing the same issue, but turning off autofit doesn't resolve it.

The issue is that after ugrading a file to S2, two text boxes on the same slide are not showing up the same size even though they were saved in S1 as the same size. Two things happen:

First, they show up in 2 as 17.5. Then after I change them both to 14, the textboxes still don't look the same; one text box shows the text a bit smaller than the other. I turned off autofit, with no change. So far, manually resetting both text boxes to 14 does the trick, but I am trying to determine if there is a change on the back end that can be made so not every course would have to be manually fixed. Please see the attachments, slide 1.13. Both the SL1 and SL2 versions are there.