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Oct 07, 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm running into a bit of a conflict in terms of finding the justification to use Storyline 2. I downloaded the trial 18 days ago, thinking that I would use it to create a couple of shorter courses that I could finish in 30 days, learning about the new features of Storyline 2 in order to pitch it to management. It will be a hard sell since we have purchased 3 Storyline licenses in little over a year and one as recent as June!

The thing is, there is really no point in me using a trial of program to create content that I will not be able to edit after the trial expires. I would have to recreate it in Storyline 1. And content that cannot be edited is not worth anything to my employer. Needless to say, I've barely touched the trial as I can't justify spending work time to create a course that is just a "test".

Has anyone else run into this roadblock? Any suggestions? I wish the trial came as a permanent piece of software, but with only the ability to create one course or something like that.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Erika!


The trial is the full version of the software. We want you to have the ability to experience all that comes with it.

Courses created in Storyline 2 cannot be opened and edited in Storyline 1. You could use it just to make some test files,  maybe making a few short ones highlighting the new features might be an idea.

I am sure others will join in as well.

Dianne Gibson

Hi Erika!

I've been tasked to build a business case for upgrade. Features are awesome, so no problem there. However, I have a boss who's worried about problems/bugs with new release products. Can you point me to an area or provide some known problems that are being worked on? I saw that an update was done with latest version release - but I know her and she will want details on what is still being worked on. Thanks for your help!

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