Storyline 2: Triggers on tablets and apple devices.

Dec 17, 2014

Hi there! Hoping for some help from the community please!

I have created a project using SL2 and am having a couple of issues with some of the triggers that are in place. The triggers all work perfectly when I test the module on a laptop but not on tablets iPad or iPhone.

(Slide #1 has 3 images (each image has the state 'Normal', 'Hover' & 'Visited') that each link to a layer. The trigger I have set up is to jump to  slide #2 on the condition that all 3 images have been 'Visited')

I was wondering if there are any trigger elements that don't work on mobile devices? 

Thanks for your help!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Karyn!

Here is a list of the triggers that are compatible with HTML5 and the Articulate Mobile App. Jump to slide should work. Are you publishing with HTML5 or using the AMP?

You could share the file here if you would like us to test it out for you. Also, please make sure you are saving and publishing your files locally as described here.

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