Storyline 2 truncating essay responses to 255 characters when sending to LMS

Dec 16, 2016

So I know how to adjust the character limit for essay questions in Storyline 2, and when I publish out the module, this limit is obeyed while the user is interacting with the slide. Setting a 5000 character limit means that when the user reaches that limit, characters stop appearing in the field. That works as expected.

But... when the published SCORM1.2 package sends the user's response to the LMS, it truncates the answer to the first 255 characters, regardless of the limit set in Storyline.

At first I thought it might be a limitation with our LMS (Adobe Connect), but after snooping around in the published SCORM package, I no longer think so.

Specifically, I went into the published SCORM module's code and found its SCORMFunctions.js file. On lines 855 and 862 in the code, there are hard-coded functions that explicitly truncate responses to "Fill In Interactions" to 255 characters, presumably before sending them on to Connect.

Line 855: if (strResponse.length > 255){strResponse = strResponse.substr(0, 255);}
Line 862: if (strCorrectResponse.length > 255){strCorrectResponse = strCorrectResponse.substr(0, 255);}

I changed all of the 255s above to 1000, saved it, re-zipped the SCORM module and uploaded it into Connect, and in my testing, Connect is now recording 1000 character responses no problem.

So my question is... why, if Storyline claims to let you set a high limit for essay questions, is it arbitrarily truncating them to 255? Is there some other setting I'm missing in the interface that will save me from jumping into the SCORM js file every time I publish?


I understand that short answer/FIB responses are supposed to have a 255 limit, but as far as I can tell, essay responses are getting run through that same filter, which is problematic because the limit should be much higher!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nick,

Thanks for reaching out here. This isn't an issue with Storyline, but rather a limitation of SCORM 1.2. The ADL SCORM 1.2 spec states the limit of CMIFeedback as 255 characters or less. If you would like to read more about that, you can visit the ADL website, specifically the Technical Specification link under SCORM 1.2 Resources. 

SCORM 2004 doesn't have the same limitations - so if the length of the response is the only issue you have, you could publish SCORM 2004, and that might suit your needs.

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