Storyline 2, Update 10, Build 1607.1221

Jul 27, 2016

Is anyone else experiencing the problem where slide titles would overlap the separator line at the top of the notes tab in Flash output? (see attached jpg file)

This problem was fixed with Update 9, Build 1605.1919. However, it appears that the bug has been reintroduced with Update 10, Build 1607.1221.

I hope Articulate can resolve this soon or show me how to uninstall Update 10 and revert back to the previous build.

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Daniel Bolia

Hi Ashley,

I created a test file to illustrate the issue with Update 10 as outlined above, please see attached SL2 file Storyline Update 10 Test.storyline.

I opened this same file and published from two separate computers. One computer has SL2 installed with Update 9, the second computer has SL2 installed with Update 10.

The Update 9 output is available at

The Update 10 output is available at

Also attached with this post are screen captures (SL2_Update-9.png and Update-10.png) showing two separate SL licenses installed, one with Update 9 and the other with Update 10.

I've tested the output files on Articulate Tempshare on IE 11 and Chrome. I also viewed the published output locally. In all cases, the results were identical (the title separator line does not adjust for long titles that are shown in two or more lines.)

I hope articulate can fix this problem soon. In the mean time, if I'm able to get Update 9.exe file, can I run it on the computer that has Update 10 without causing any problem?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sharing these especially the images and links. Is the file attached created in Update 9 or 10? It seems likely to be easy enough to reproduce but just checking before I dig in.

If you don't have the Update 9 .EXE file still handy you can reach out to our Support Engineers here and they can help you revert to the earlier update. 

Daniel Bolia

Hi Ashley,

Articulate's product support page,, list of bug fixes for Update 9 specifically states "Fixed issue where slide titles would overlap the separator line at the top of the notes tab in Flash output." I was able to published courses without this title overlapping issue when I published from a computer with Update 9 installed. My SL files posted demonstrated that Update 10 reintroduced this bug. I only make this point so that the specific details may aid the Articulate programmers in finding a solution sooner rather than later. In the end, we'll just have to "work around" or revert to Update 9 and wait for a new update.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for not clarifying - this issue is still present when the Notes tab is in a location other than the first spot in the sidebar. Our team is continuing to investigate that, as it was fixed when the notes tab is the first tab, and within Update 9 it's inconsistent. What we have found is that if you first view a slide with a title that takes up one line, or if you switch to the menu and back to notes, or switch slides entirely and then go back, the layout is all correct for the long notes text title. So our team is continuing to investigate it, but in the meantime I'd keep those items in mind for your development process. 

If you'd prefer to revert to Update 9, please connect with our Support Enginners here. 

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