Storyline 2 - v8 to v10

Jan 03, 2017

Hi, I have been trying to update my SL2 from v8 to v11. Is this too big a jump? My IT folks have been trying to help but we aren't sure. They recomended I add the Articulate Updater but that didn't do it. I have the update file for v11 but when I try to open instead of getting a update file or an update wizard, I get a windows pop up that says - Windows can't open this file - articulate updater.1483023153. To open this file, Windows needs to know what program you want to use to open it.... It asks if I want to select a program or use the Web to find a correct program.

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Terri Merrill

I did... that's where I got the original file. I clicked to download, then tried to open... it didn't update. So I asked my IT folks, they downloaded the file and added it to my desktoip and asked me to launch it. That's when I got the error I mentioned. So then IT added the updater file, but that only asks to update existing files I have created not my version.

Crystal Horn

Hi Terri- you are getting an error message that I've seen occasionally when trying to download the latest update from our site using Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7.  Does that match your setup?  If so, could you try to download the latest update again using another browser?  We are looking into an issue where Internet Explorer will intermittently fail to properly download what should be "Storyline-2.exe" rather than the file you are seeing.

You'll need to download Storyline 2, and once you open your project in Storyline 2 and republish, it will be updated with all of the recent fixes.

Terri Merrill

As always - you guys are amazing! Thank you. It was so simple once I opened the download in Chrome. I should have thought of that. I.E. is often a bear about certain things. I.E. 11 is my default browser on my office machine so when I followed the instructions under check for updates it just opened from there.

My program is all updated now. Thanks so much for all the support.... again, amazing team. One of the reasons I advocate for the use of Storyline in house. I can always get help from staff and everyone else. Great job!


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