Storyline 2 VS Studio

Jan 02, 2016

Hi, I hesitated too much before posting this discussion, but friendly atmosphere and the sense of assistance that i found here between members encourage me to post my first participation with you.

sorry for the long intro :D

i think that iam  a good user of storyline2 , but i didn't know the difference

between it and articulate sudio, till now i see that both of them very similar!

i would be very thankful if anybody clarify the differences between them.

thanks in advance ^_^

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Tim Danes

Hi Medo, and welcome to this awesome community :)

Here's a snippet of my journey... but take it with a grain of salt, because I could have got it all wrong! 

Years ago, I was working for a very large organisation, and was asked to research the best eLearning Authoring tools.  At the time I was using Adobe Captivate, but some of the resources coming across my table included Lectora, custom (proprietary) products, and some exports of a PowerPoint plugin made by a company called 'Articulate'.

At that stage, all I knew about was a plugin called Quizmaker.  Later, I discovered (or it may have evolved) that there was a suite of plug-ins called 'Articulate Studio'... and Quizmaker was just one of a number of products.

For our organisation, we needed an end-to-end solution.  Something we could deliver rich and interactive content, and have it create great quizzes and SCORM packages as well.  

Then, along came Storyline.  It seemed to remove the dependency of PowerPoint, and be a stand-alone, end-to-end product.  It immediately went up against all the tech-heavy products like Lectora and Captivate, but where it won our organisation over was it's simplicity in development.  i.e. My grade 5 daughter created Storyline products with no training, but I can also create products that are super-complex with variables, conditional navigation etc.  Very powerful, but simple... and all in one package.

Hope that's all as clear as mud :)


Christie Pollick

Hi, Medo -- Thanks for reaching out with your question and we're glad to have you in the community! :)

In addition to Tim's great response, I wanted to share this link for a comparison between Studio '13 and SL2, and also this chart that shares a great side-by-side of the features and tools available with each product. You may also want to check out this older thread that poses a similar question for more ideas and opinions shared by other community members. 

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