Storyline 2 when reviewing quiz the next button does not always work

May 12, 2015

I have a a serise of 15 questions, when reviewing after failing the quiz the next navigation button works for the first two responses then stop function. If i hit the prev button and come back the next button will work. BUT then again on the next review slide the next button does not work.... anyone out here have a fix for this problem?

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Tom Russ


I seem to have the same issue Pete experienced. I have 15 questions in 7 separate quizzes within the Storyline 2 project separated by parts of the course. When I preview the Entire Project and take all the quizzes I get to the one and only results slide at the end of the course which works great. But when I select Review Quiz I only see the first quiz results of the 7 quizzes (only 4 questions). The Next button on the Review slide does not work, does not advance to the next reviewed question. I've gone over the navigation several times and it all looks like it should work fine but doesn't. I am running Storyline 2 in VMware on a Mac. Appreciate any feedback or solution. TR

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