Storyline 2 with recent update fails to import Quizmaker files

Dec 23, 2014

After installing the recent flash 16 patch, Storyline is failing to import Quizmaker files. When importing, it gives the 'Flash 10 or higher is required' prompt, after clicking cancel (flash 16 is installed) the Quizmaker startup screen flashes and a error window displays 'Error while unloading appdomain.' Is this an isolated issue with my installation or a issue with the software?

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Ryan  Dittmar

Unfortunately I cannot, they contain proprietary information. However, It turns out the .quiz files are Quizmaker '09 files (They were just supplied to me, I didnt make them). I saved them up to '13 with the version I just installed and now Storyline 2 will import them with no error... 

Should Storyline 2 have accepted '09 versions of the quiz? Or is it not backwards compatible?

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