Storyline 2audio tIme lag - in slide view

Jan 08, 2015

I am trying to edit some audio in a project and when I play in slide mode and in preview there is a lag. In slide mode the marker is slower than the audio and is still moving even after the audio is finished.  I noticed the same effect in preview mode. My computer specs are good and this has happened before but then stopped on other projects. Is this a known bug?


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Heather Ross

HI Ashley,
Thanks for your response. I am working off the local drive. Today the problem seems to be corrected and there is no lag. This is exactly what I experienced one other time with a course. One day the audio timing was way off with the marker in the slide view and the next day everything was in sync. I had opened up a ticket the last time but the problem did not show when the support person opened the file. It has me stumped, but perhaps I need to do a repair?

Heather Ross

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