Storyline 3: Content Won't Launch in the Articulate Mobile Player in Android (version4.1)

Oct 23, 2017

I want to see how a course look like in the Mobile player app, because i´m going to make an education with focus on reading it on a Mobilephone.  I know that the programe is responsive in the browser, but wonder if the looks is different when reading it through the app. Better responsive possibillity i hope...

But when i a have a testcourse and trying to open it in the mobile player app in Android, it wont open. It opens in the browser anayway. The course is launched on our LMS.

I downloaded version 4.1 on my android. And i have a trial so far on the Storyline 3. 

Why cant i open it in the app?

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Kompetens  UtvecklingsInstitutet

Thank you for your answer!

  1. Mine was set on Flash/HTML5 instead of HTML5/Flash. Does that effect the outcom?
  2. Still doesent work. I made a test and published it with your settings. And then e-mailed a Story_Flash file. Thats the way you do it, right? Or publish it on a LMS and open it from there. Nothing works.


Ali Goulet

Hey Johanna!

To answer your first question- the difference between Flash/HTML5 and HTML5/Flash is which output is preferred and which is the backup when visiting your course. This shouldn't have any affect on pulling your course up on the Articulate Mobile Player. 

For your second question- make sure you're uploading your entire published output to it's intended environment when testing it. If you'll be using an LMS, try uploading the zipped output to SCORM Cloud to test it in a learning management system.

If you share your unpublished .story file here, I'm also happy to help in testing! You can add it as an attachment to a comment in this thread.

Keep me posted!

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