Storyline 3 crashes when you click audio files

Sep 17, 2020

I have had this happen to me numerous times. The normal behavior for clicking audio files in the timeline is select for single-click, open editor for double-click. Often, when you first load a slide, the audio waveform isn't instantly available, and instead you see a "loading audio" message in the timeline.

If you try to double-click before the waveform is loaded, it will tell you the file isn't found, open a blank editor window, and then crash. There is nothing you can do from that point. You have to go into the Task Manager and force-quit.

Sometimes, this even happens randomly when you single-click an audio file that hasn't properly loaded yet. I know the solution - just don't click an audio file when you first load a slide. But when you are swapping out a dozen audio files in rapid-fire, sometimes you get a little click happy, and it really is a hassle to have to force-quit, restart, and hope that auto-save has not failed you.

Any thoughts on whether Articulate might look into the bugginess of the audio file handler?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Russell,

I'm glad you reached out! I can help and have a few initial questions to help us narrow this down:

  • Where do you typically save your project files — c: drive, shared drive, or elsewhere?
  • Are you on the latest version of Storyline 3? To check, click the Help tab and then click About Storyline. We are currently on build 3.10.22406.0.
  • Have you tried repairing Storyline? (Here are the four steps)

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