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Elizabeth Delgado

I have had two files that won't upgrade, and quite a few that have upgraded. I'm running a few of those through our LMS validation process today to make sure they will upgrade and re-publish to function successfully on the LMS.

This was the first time I tried to open it in Storyline 3.

Frances Steinberg

I made a screenshot of what's going on--http://solutionsunlimited.co.nz/screencastimport/story_html5.html.

If I try to open file, which was created in SL2, it gives me the first error.  If I try to insert the slides into a new SL3 project, it gives me the second.  Nothing unusual or strange on the 5 slides (attached).

Wendy Farmer

Hi Frances

I have SL360 not SL3 but I was able to upgrade your project no problem. Attached is the SL360 file - I wonder if you can open it now in SL3. I also included the SL2 backup file.

I know it doesn't solve your issue just thought if you needed to work on it today you might be able to.

Frances Steinberg

Thanks for the try, Wendy, but unfortunately after I downloaded your obstacle-360.story file and tried to open it with my SL3, it gave me the same "project is invalid or corrupt" message.

Until it's figured out, I'll have to stick to new projects because it won't open or insert anything else.  Cheers, Frances

Crystal Horn

Hi Frances.  I'm so sorry this is slowing you down!

Just to try one more thing in the meantime:  Make a copy of the original obstacle.story file in File Explorer, and name it something else.

Then try to upgrade that new file to Storyline 3.

Would you be willing to work with our support team to dig a little more deeply into why this course (and others) are giving that message?