Storyline 3 : Font Garbled on Publish

Oct 26, 2017

This is probably one for the bug list - but I couldn't find a better place to log that, so I'm starting here - please push me into the right spot for this kind of issue!

We opened a SL2 file in our new SL3 and published our course file with NO FLASH (yay!).  We viewed the course in Chrome and Edge, to find that the character map for the font "Gotham" in Bold was completely freaked out.  All text was nutty.  You could debug in the browser and assign any other font and the text would be fine, but switch back to Gotham Bold and the character map is all offset (like "Correct" is reliably "N]uuyni").

We worry that there will be other lurking fonts like this (so far we've found no others), so we wanted to log it with Articulate in case your architects can figure out why this happened and help with a fix.  Happy to send the file for bug fixing purposes - should I do that here?

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michael roddick

I am experiencing something similar but totally different. I have a course built with SL 3.26.18601.0 a build prior to Katie stating the Gotham Bold font fix.

My issue is disappearing text, in a regular text box using Gotham book, text formatted like a phone number just go away. A learner explained it like this "it was there then 3-5 sec later it was gone." Both known instances happened in different parts of the course to two different people but the same string was affected.

We have employed Articulates recommended fixes (ie making sure the font download setting is enabled and having the correct MIME type).

I cant replicate it on my IE build (11.1779) but the two problem IE builds (11.2906 and 11.619) it happens, I have worked with both and confirmed all setting are correct.

Has anyone experienced this?

Katherine Murphy

We experienced this as well.  If you have the Lync plugin installed on your browser, what is happening is that the Lync plugin is finding that phone number and making it LIVE - like, CLICKABLE.  THEN, your security software is saying "OH NO YOU DON'T!" and erasing the whole thing.  Funny, right?  Oh, Micro$oft.

The workaround is to replace all dashes within phone numbers in your text using (ALT+0151) which types either an "em" or an "en" dash - cannot remember which is the name of the one you want, but if you type alt+0151 between your phone numbers, Lync will not make them live, and your security software will not then blank them out.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Jason!

Sorry, you're still running into this issue! Since this thread is a bit dated, we'd like to start fresh. The original post was for Storyline 3. Do you see this behavior in Storyline 3 as well? Also, are you seeing this behavior when previewing or publishing your course? If it's specifically in publishing, would you mind sharing if you're viewing the course in an LMS or on a website?

If you'd like to share your project with us, you can attach it to this discussion or upload it in a support case.