Storyline 3 - How to determine missed slides when published to an LMS

Jan 05, 2018

We are publishing our Storyline 3 files to LMS and uploading those SCORM files to Moodle. We have track settings in place that if all slides are viewed, the SCORM activity file is marked complete in Moodle. If an employee doesn't view every slide, so the activity doesn't mark complete, is there a way to determine the specific slides they missed? Thanks for any advice!

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Amy, could you advice if you are hoping to either:

- see as an administrator in moodle (ie so you can see what slide's people typically skip); or

- for the learner to know what they have missed, so they can go back and view and complete?

If the aim is for the learner to be able to achieve completion, I would suggest you should give the learner an easy way to visually see within the course itself what they have missed - as opposed to trying to pass this information to moodle for the administrator to track/troubleshoot.  

The recommended solution would be very different depending on whether you do this in the package or if passing info to moodle. 

Phil Mayor

Storyline does not send the slides viewed data to Moodle, if you are tracking by slides viewed you need to design your course so users can achieve completion easily but can also visualise the slides they have missed, for this type of course i would go with a linear or on rails approach where the user cannot get to the last slide without viewing the necessary number of slides to mark complete.

Also I find in Most LMSs 100% completion for slides viewed never works so set below 100%

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