Storyline 3 in iOS

I have a client who is using a published HTML5 only Storyline 3 module in an app (no flash allowed per company guidelines).  The module runs fine in the W10 version of the app.  On iOS, the HTML page opens and the user gets a play button, but when they press play, they get a black screen with a title at the top and 3 white dots instead of the module as intended.  I just downloaded the most recent Storyline update last night.  The module runs fine on my iPhone and iPad when hosted on Amazon S3 server.  Any troubleshooting ideas? 

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Nicole Rongo

Yes, sounds right.  I can get this module to work just fine everywhere... laptop, ipad, iphone... fine on these devices in Edge, Chrome, Safari... I don't have trouble.   I host on Amazon s3 with Cloudberry.  My client has hired an app developer to host resources for sales reps in an app that downloads their content to their ipads to be able to open offline because then it's hosted on the device.   The 3rd party app isn't cooperating with Articulate, and all eyes keep pointing to me to make it work right.  I'm not a programmer or a tech support expert person.  That's why I use an authoring tool.  I'm especially having a hard time trouble shooting since it works fine for me.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole,

I'd point to all those examples for the client, that there is a piece of this 3rd party app which isn't allowing the content to load. If you need to share a link with them, and don't want to send the Amazon S3 one, you could also upload to Tempshare. That'll keep a link live for 10 days for their testing. 

Another option would be to use the Articulate Mobile player (AMP), which does support Storyline 3, iOS/Android devices and offline content (when published for Web). Here's a comparison of how content will work in Flash, HTML5 and the AMP.