Storyline 3 issues in our LMS (SAP)

May 24, 2019

We have a new issue with SL3 in our LMS and Multi-module courses (so separate Learning objects). When you click on a module using the built in Table of Contents (built into the LMS) and click through a couple of slides in one module, then leave it, you can't go back. The module just won't reload. I think this has something to do with the new goodbye.html slide that SL3 now imposes. It's really frustrating. Does anyone know what code we need to adjust so you can revisit a module?

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Alison James

Hello Ashley,

I am attaching a screen recording that shows what's happening for us in our LMS. We have managed to suppress the goodbye.html page, unfortunately when we create a multi-module course (each module is it's own course) in our LMS, we aren't able to revisit a module after clicking on a slide. We can click through the Table of Contents freely, until we actually click a slide in the module. When you try to revisit a module, it looks like it will load, but then doesn't and we're left with a blank page. We don't have this issue with course published in Presenter, SL1 or SL2.

We've scoured the source code in the output files but can't find anything.

We would be so happy if you could help!


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